Skin-Saving Foods

Besides applying your favorite Body Bartender product for luminous feel and toning, there are other factors you need to take into account for beautiful skin: what you feed to it.

Of course we can’t list every single ingredient you should and shouldn’t avoid but we do like these five essential items that can easily be added into your every day meals:



Avocados contain a certain biotin, which helps moisture the skin, keeping it from looking dry and it also makes hair healthy.


green tea face

Green Tea


Try adding a bag or two into your water cup or bottled water. The recommended dosage is 4x a day and it contains polyphenols, antioxidants that protect the skin and can even help reduce the appearance of aging.

salmon skin


Easy to make and full of flavor, salmon contains astaxanthin, in plain English > it improves the skin elasticity.



This juicy fruit helps the skin create more collagen, keeping you looking young and beautiful



Added into your cereal, greek yogurt, salad or breakfast oatmeal, walnuts contain Omega 3s which make your hair look shiny and smooth your skin.

It’s definitely easy to look and feel beautiful by adding these delicious ingredients into your every day meals. Call it a recipe for beauty success!