Tattoo Gallery: Roses

Did you know that a rose is one of the most popular tattoo designs for both male and females? While roses symbolize beauty, they were initially connected to love. According to a web site, the Ancient Greeks believed that the rose was originally white and then turned red when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, pricked herself while picking one out.

Today, beauty and love sorround the meaning of the rose. It is also a feminine attribute with addiional significance depending on the color of the rose. No matter what color or design you choose, the rose will always remain a universal symbol for love and beauty.

rose tattoo



Tattoo Gallery: Bows

Is there a greater meaning of a bow tattoo other than how cute it looks?

After doing some research, what it all comes down to is what the bow reflects of you. There are the universal-known bows like those in remembrance of survivors or the bow around the finger so as not to forget something important. But overall, a bow adds a feminine flair to any thing, really! From shoes to purses to cosmetic products, a bow somehow adds the delicacy of being a female.


Tattoo Gallery: Marilyn Monroe

She is already legendary by all accounts: the hair, the red lips, the curves but above all, the name. Countless films and documentaries have been created for this icon and it seems that every year, Time Magazine showcases “never-before-seen” images which we can’t get enough of. We tend to plaster our walls with her them, or use her looks for inspiration while others have engraved her into their bodies, including hottie Megan Fox.

marilyn monroe tatoos

Tattoo Gallery: Sparrows

It is said that a sparrow symbolizes freedom, a lively attitude and having a vibrant personality

Back in the day, sailors would get a sparrow tattoo after crossing 5,000 miles or more across sea.  And after more research, it gets complicated. Depending on what kind of sparrow or what direction the sparrow is facing, your sparrow tattoo can have an entirely different meaning associated with loyalty and undying love, flexibility or lifelong commitment to a person, thing or cause. Whatever your reason, the sparrow is a common tattoo seen amongst men and women at car shows and Rockabilly events.


Tattoo Gallery: CHERRIES

When we were  first creating The Body Bartender, we thought it would be cute to add a cherry to the logo, reminiscent of those maraschino cherries added to all of our favorite drinks. But the cherry is a popular icon in the Rockabilly community.

Cherries are feminine, bright and cute! It is impossible to find a chic, retro accessory without some sort of cherry emblem.

cherry pin up model


Cherries are said to be a universal symbol of beauty and love.

They always remind me of my Grandma Betty, my personal Pin Up Queen – she was a military wife and most certainly dressed the part with her beautiful dresses and retro hairstyles. Her kitchen was decorated with all sorts of cherry décor.

To this day, cherries are still used to adorn fabrics, accessories, shoes, rooms and even the body:

cherry tattoos

“Life is a bowl of Cherries” – Proverb Quote