Pin Up Eye Candy: Frankie Sin

frankie sin body

Don’t let her name fool you! Pin Up Model and burlesque dancer Frankie Sin is one of the sweetest gals around. She flaunts her cuteness and normalcy on her very own blog, Some Like It Haute, giving readers and fans an inside look into her life, her family, her fashion finds and her latest obsessions. A signature figure in the pin up world, Frankie has donned hot pink, blonde and black manes throughout her career. We love her beautiful nature and unique personality, making her our Pin Up Eye Candy of the week!


My 30-Day Challenge

Hello Body Bartender friends!

As you know, our products are not just cute beauty fixations for pin-up lovers, they are solutions for stubborn problem areas that at the same time nourish your skin. Living a beautiful and healthy lifestyle is very important to me, as I am sure it is to you. I think it’s important to keep your mind sharp, your body moving and your sould at peace. But with constant errands and work and stress, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. With hectic schedules, constant events, and the demands of my attention to loads of details each week, I find I need to reboot my system every few months so that I can be the best, healthiest me possible.

Last month I began a 30-day health challenge as part of my ongoing efforts to set goals for myself. The first step in my 30-day challenge was to determine what one thing I needed to elimate from my life.  I decided that my body needed a break from drinking alcohol.  I certainly don’t think of myself as someone who has a drinking problem; however, as the founder of a body care line, my social calendar was filling up with events that I “needed” to attend as a presence for The Body Bartender. The hardest part of eliminating alcohol was the instant realization of how often alcohol was offered and how huge of a role it plays in our society’s social network! In addition to not drinking, I decided to work out EVERY DAY, except on Sundays when I would rest.

The results: I succeeded and even added two more days to my challenge. In that process not only did I shed a couple of pounds, but I also woke up every morning before my alarm, saved a couple hundered dollars (which I used towards my splurge on a new handbag as a reward to myself);  but, most importantly, my mind was sharp, my skin was clear and my body felt stronger.

Being beautiful is not just about having the perfect body or wearing makeup – it is about how you feel about yourself and what you can accomplish for yourself. I did the 30-day challenge for myself, not for anybody else and I am happy to share my accomplishments with you!

Is there something that you are willing to go without for 30 days?

Heather Losik – CEO & Founder

Pin-Up Eye Candy: Kate Upton

kate upton black and white

Ever since landing the cover of Sports Illustrated, Kate Upton has received a lot of reviews – both negative and positive. While her bodacious assets have made her a coveted sex symbol, it is because of those same assets that have created an online buzz about what the media has labeled a “plus-size” figure. Regardless of media monikers, we love this blonde’s playful personality and amazing body. She has been the featured spokesperson for Beach Bunny Swimwear, whose swimsuits have become a staple in this summer’s beach outings. We love the sexy and playful collections they have and the material is so comfortable. With summer so close to being an afterthought, we wanted to feature the pin up in our most favorite Beach Bunny suits!

kate upton beach bunny

Pin-Up Eye Candy: Bernie Dexter

Typically known as our modern day Bettie Paige, Bernie Dexter was first discovered at the age of 32!

This sexy darling used to be a freelance makeup artist and gained popularity at a Viva Las Vegas pin-up contest. Today, she is a clothing designer for her own brand, as well as other vintage-inspired brands.

She is this month’s pin-up eye candy for her sexy curves and feminine flair!