Peep Show: Body-Firming Lotion

A weekly exercise routine and a healthy diet can definitely help tone your body; but what about those stubborn areas that need a little more attention? Introducing The Body Bartender’s Peep Show, an all-over body firming lotion that instantly nourishes and firms the skin.

Our Peep Show firming body lotion is made with natural extracts and caffeine. The caffeine stimulates the skin while the natural extracts keep your skin smooth and nourished. The lotion is also infused with essence of guava, leaving a refreshing scent.Unlike other skin-firming lotions, Peep Show does NOT contain parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals or triclosan. It is made up of skin-loving ingredients for a smooth appearance.





Sometimes, beauty queens need a little help to look fabulous! With The Body Bartender’s Peep Show, there will be less of this:

skin firming

 And more of this:

skin firming lotion


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