Tattoo Gallery: Marilyn Monroe

She is already legendary by all accounts: the hair, the red lips, the curves but above all, the name. Countless films and documentaries have been created for this icon and it seems that every year, Time Magazine showcases “never-before-seen” images which we can’t get enough of. We tend to plaster our walls with her them, or use her looks for inspiration while others have engraved her into their bodies, including hottie Megan Fox.

marilyn monroe tatoos


Pin-Up Eye Candy: Kate Upton

kate upton black and white

Ever since landing the cover of Sports Illustrated, Kate Upton has received a lot of reviews – both negative and positive. While her bodacious assets have made her a coveted sex symbol, it is because of those same assets that have created an online buzz about what the media has labeled a “plus-size” figure. Regardless of media monikers, we love this blonde’s playful personality and amazing body. She has been the featured spokesperson for Beach Bunny Swimwear, whose swimsuits have become a staple in this summer’s beach outings. We love the sexy and playful collections they have and the material is so comfortable. With summer so close to being an afterthought, we wanted to feature the pin up in our most favorite Beach Bunny suits!

kate upton beach bunny

How To: Victory Rolls

victory rolls

Mary Beth Hughes

Did you know that during World War II, women wore victory rolls to honor victorious soldiers? We truly are romantics in every way. Today, this retro hairstyle is often replicated and revamped for fashion shows, the red carpet and your local Rockabilly gig.

All you need is a good set of bobby pins to recreate this classic look:

Polka-Dot Footwear

Is there a retirement age for polka-dot wear? Because I don’t know if we will ever get tired of them! Matched in any color scheme, polka dots are easy to dress up or to complement a casual outfit. Lately, we’ve been spotting (no pun intended) really cute polka-dot heels that we just had to share with you:

pin up heels

Tattoo Gallery: Sparrows

It is said that a sparrow symbolizes freedom, a lively attitude and having a vibrant personality

Back in the day, sailors would get a sparrow tattoo after crossing 5,000 miles or more across sea.  And after more research, it gets complicated. Depending on what kind of sparrow or what direction the sparrow is facing, your sparrow tattoo can have an entirely different meaning associated with loyalty and undying love, flexibility or lifelong commitment to a person, thing or cause. Whatever your reason, the sparrow is a common tattoo seen amongst men and women at car shows and Rockabilly events.


Beauty: Pink Lips

For an instant chic and flirty look, pink lipstick is our makeup pick for the rest of summer.

We know how much you love your classic red lips, but nothing spells romantic like a dab of this pretty shade. Here are a few tips to rock this look and still look glam:

Go easy on the eye makeup. Of course you can play it up with some fierce eyeliner or voluminous lashes but the rest of your look should stay simple so your lips get all the attention.

Light blush. You’ll want to apply a light or nude-colored blush so that you don’t overdo the pinkness factor.

Choose your best shade. Just like any other lip color, choose a pink that matches your skin tone the best. Ideally, you should ask for a sample, otherwise sample the color in natural light.

1958 Du Barry, The Missing Pink Lipstick Print Ad