Pin-Up Eye Candy: Bernie Dexter

Typically known as our modern day Bettie Paige, Bernie Dexter was first discovered at the age of 32!

This sexy darling used to be a freelance makeup artist and gained popularity at a Viva Las Vegas pin-up contest. Today, she is a clothing designer for her own brand, as well as other vintage-inspired brands.

She is this month’s pin-up eye candy for her sexy curves and feminine flair!


Anti-Cellulite Solutions: Peek-A-Booty™

Cellulite always finds a way to plant itself into our bodies, making us cringe at the very sight! Some say that drinking a lot of water can reduce the appearance of cellulite but what about topical creams? When used daily, they can thicken collagen levels, which helps plump up the skin leaving a more smooth and toned appearance.

cellulite cream

* Paraben-Free & Fragrance-Free *

Our Peek-A-Booty™ cellulite cream combats cellulite for that toned look and also contains LipoCare® – a key slimming ingredient used to effectively combat cellulite. It is combined with bupleurum, caffeine and coenzyme A to promote circulation and improve the skin. LipoCare® attacks cellulite in three ways:

1. Firms and tones skin.

2. Accelerates the processing of accumulated fluids and fatty stores.

3. Improves flushing of fluids from fat deposits in the thighs, legs, hips, stomach and buttocks.

The Body Bartender’s Peek-A-Booty cellulite-fighting body cream instantly treats, hydrates and firms the skin – leaving you with a pin-up ready body.

Jayne Mansfield

Tattoo Gallery: CHERRIES

When we were  first creating The Body Bartender, we thought it would be cute to add a cherry to the logo, reminiscent of those maraschino cherries added to all of our favorite drinks. But the cherry is a popular icon in the Rockabilly community.

Cherries are feminine, bright and cute! It is impossible to find a chic, retro accessory without some sort of cherry emblem.

cherry pin up model


Cherries are said to be a universal symbol of beauty and love.

They always remind me of my Grandma Betty, my personal Pin Up Queen – she was a military wife and most certainly dressed the part with her beautiful dresses and retro hairstyles. Her kitchen was decorated with all sorts of cherry décor.

To this day, cherries are still used to adorn fabrics, accessories, shoes, rooms and even the body:

cherry tattoos

“Life is a bowl of Cherries” – Proverb Quote

Nautical Fashion Style

MAC recently debuted a nautical-themed collection,

but Rockabilly fashionistas have been rockin’ the look since the hay day.

pin up sailor girl

Ahoy Sailor!

We love the blue, red and white contrasts! From a sexy dress to a playful bathing suit, check below for our favorite picks to wear this summer:

nautical accessories