Your Daily Beauty Must Do’s for 2014


The best way to hydrate cells is to drink plenty of water.  Supplements like fish-oil and  flaxseed-oil, or eating water enriched fruits like cantaloupe and watermelon help a lot; but nothing compares to getting eight 8 oz glasses of water a day for a youthful glow. Drink up!


Researchers have found that driving alone can increase the likelihood of cancer….think about the exposure your left side receives while driving.  So before you go anywhere, slather on an SPF of 30 or higher, such as The Body Bartender Tattoo Protection SPF 30 (  Although developed for the care of skin with tattoo’s, The Body Bartender SPF 30 is non-comedogenic, Paraben free and never tested on animals, but is also safe for the face and all skin types.


Your cell phone is a breeding ground for bacteria- especially the kind that cause acne. Use an antibacterial wipe on your phone every night before bed.  We especially love LA Fresh Health Hand Sanitizer Wet Wipes.


Using a body lotion a few times a week is great but applying one every night before bed not only prevents scaly skin but also plumps the Epidermis (outermost layer of cells in the skin) to help create a more svelte silhouette.  Try The Body Bartender All-Over Body Firming Lotion for smooth, less-dimpled skin (


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to de-stress is to slip into your tub with a scoop of Epsom salts and lavender. Try Dr. Teals Epsom Salt Soaking Solution (available at Target for $4.89) for a calming, detoxing bathing experience.  Giving your mind just 10 minutes a day helps your body restore and regenerate.  Don’t think of this as a luxury, think of it as a necessity.


New Year New You?

Four days into the New Year and I already feel “behind” on all the things I said I was going to do differently or change come January 1st.  Isn’t it funny how we, inadvertently, set ourselves up for failure with all our New Year expectations!?!?!   

For most of us, ringing in the New Year is about starting over, doing things differently, and hoping for better outcomes. But, don’t you think that it’s unrealistic to make a date for change?  From my personal experience, change comes from within and requires action of your mind EVERYDAY.  A date or “new year” isn’t going to elicit much more but the added pressure to get it all right “this time.”  If your mind set isn’t healthy and the WANT for change isn’t’ there, then nothing about 2013 is going to be different for you. 
I propose that we all stop, take a deep breath, and look around at our lives.  Discover what is right and what is working, and focus on that.  Take a minute to reflect on times that brought you great pleasure and ask yourself what you were doing during that time that brought you those feelings of satisfaction or success and try and go about setting your new goals based on these premises.  I believe that when we tap into that which we already posses, we will get more of what it is we want from life.  May you all find or discover what it is you’re seeking.
Peace and Love,
xo  Image

Forty is the new gorgeous!

As I count down the days left of being in my thirties (December 26th, 2012),  I honestly thought I was going to feel panicked and struggle with turning the big “FOUR-O!” But, exactly the opposite is happening….I am filled with excitement, pride, and anticipation of what this new decade holds for me.  I really do believe, even more than ever, that age is just a number.  It sounds so cliche, but it’s true! Image Hello, have you seen Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz, just to name a few???  These woman are more beautiful now then when they were in their twenties; and the confidence “older” woman exude is something to aspire to.

 So, from my soon to be forty year old ass to yours (no matter your age), don’t be afraid of getting older. Embrace who you are, where you’re at in life and be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned and the laugh lines you’ve earned….after all, forty is the new gorgeous. ; )




The Body Bartender Halloween Giveaway!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays but the best part is how creative people get with costume ideas. Which is why The Body Bartender wants YOU to share your Halloween costume for a chance to win some Body Bartender goodies! Visit our Facebook page and post your picture on our wall. Get your friends to LIKE our page and your picture so you could win: 1 Full size Tattoo Protection SPF 30,  1 Full size Peek-A-Booty Anti-Cellulite Cream,  1 Full size Peep Show All-Over Body Firming Lotion,  2 pairs of thong panties and 1 Cosmetic bag.

Tattoo Gallery: Roses

Did you know that a rose is one of the most popular tattoo designs for both male and females? While roses symbolize beauty, they were initially connected to love. According to a web site, the Ancient Greeks believed that the rose was originally white and then turned red when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, pricked herself while picking one out.

Today, beauty and love sorround the meaning of the rose. It is also a feminine attribute with addiional significance depending on the color of the rose. No matter what color or design you choose, the rose will always remain a universal symbol for love and beauty.

rose tattoo


Skin-Saving Foods

Besides applying your favorite Body Bartender product for luminous feel and toning, there are other factors you need to take into account for beautiful skin: what you feed to it.

Of course we can’t list every single ingredient you should and shouldn’t avoid but we do like these five essential items that can easily be added into your every day meals:



Avocados contain a certain biotin, which helps moisture the skin, keeping it from looking dry and it also makes hair healthy.


green tea face

Green Tea


Try adding a bag or two into your water cup or bottled water. The recommended dosage is 4x a day and it contains polyphenols, antioxidants that protect the skin and can even help reduce the appearance of aging.

salmon skin


Easy to make and full of flavor, salmon contains astaxanthin, in plain English > it improves the skin elasticity.



This juicy fruit helps the skin create more collagen, keeping you looking young and beautiful



Added into your cereal, greek yogurt, salad or breakfast oatmeal, walnuts contain Omega 3s which make your hair look shiny and smooth your skin.

It’s definitely easy to look and feel beautiful by adding these delicious ingredients into your every day meals. Call it a recipe for beauty success!

Pin Up Eye Candy: Frankie Sin

frankie sin body

Don’t let her name fool you! Pin Up Model and burlesque dancer Frankie Sin is one of the sweetest gals around. She flaunts her cuteness and normalcy on her very own blog, Some Like It Haute, giving readers and fans an inside look into her life, her family, her fashion finds and her latest obsessions. A signature figure in the pin up world, Frankie has donned hot pink, blonde and black manes throughout her career. We love her beautiful nature and unique personality, making her our Pin Up Eye Candy of the week!